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  • What does Cove Cay Charters offer?
    We Offer watersports such as wakeboarding, water skiing, kneeboarding and tubing. We also offer snorkeling, dolphin watching, bar hopping and sunset cruises. And you can combine any of these together depending upon how much time you have. Unfortunately, we do not offer fishing, parasailing or jet skis.
  • Does it cost extra do the watersports or snorkeling and do we need our own gear?
    We currently have 3 tubes available with wakeboards and water skies coming. We also provide you with the life jackets although you are welcome to bring your own. Due to Covid-19 we are not offering snorkeling gear but you are welcome to bring your own. Our most popular trip is a 4 hr. charter which we will do some watersports, then go do some snorkeling and stop off at Whiskey Joes for a cocktail.
  • What kind of boat do you have?
    We have a 2008 21ft twin engine Yamaha SX210 jet boat. The cool thing about being a jet boat, is that there are no props to worry about back there while getting on and off the back of the boat. We also have a kicking stereo system from DS18 installed.
  • How many people can it hold?
    The boat is rated for 10 people, unfortunately Coast Guard Regulation will only allow 6 passengers at a time. If you have more than 6 please call us so that we can accommodate you.
  • Are there restrooms?
    Depending on which location we leave from, there are restrooms at the docks but not on the boat or where we are going unless we are heading to one of the Bar & Grills.
  • Is there a cancellation policy
    If you give us at least 96 hrs notice a full refund or reschedule will be offered. After 95-24hours a $150.00 cancellation fee applies. Cancellations after 24 hours or no shows will receive no refund. If captain cancels charter because of weather a refund or rebooking will be offered.
  • Is Fuel included
    On Yalta our inhouse Yamaha Jet Boat yes. But our other boats are bareboat charter boats, and the law does not allow us or the boat owner to include gas. On those boats gas is the responsibility of the Charter under the bareboat laws.
  • Do you allow infants on board?
    We do allow infants and we do provide life jackets for them. Anyone under the age of 7 is required to wear a life jacket at all times while on board the vessel. If you bring an infant please let us know at booking so we can make sure we have a life jacket on board for them. We do have limited storage space on board.
  • When should we arrive?
    We ask that you arrive 15 min early so that we can get the waivers signed, get on board and on our way on time. If we are meeting you at one of the locations other than the marina you are welomce to arrive as early as you would like.
  • Do Kids and infants count as people for the 6 passenger rule?
    Unfortunalety they do count. Per the Coast Guard regulation they go by head count even if it is an infant. So the max that I can do at a time is 6 passengers but if you have more than 6 please reach out to us so we can explain how we can accomodate your group. We also only allow 5 minors at any one time, we require at least one adult on board at all times with your party.
  • Will we fly your flag on our boat
    The simple answer is yes. We will fly political flags when appropriate. We can fly your home country flag if you wish. We can fly your team or school flag. We are pretty easy when it comes to flying flags as long as it’s not offensive. The Captain of the boat has the final say on any flags that are flown while he is captaining the vessel.
  • Do we offer one way crusiess
    Yes we do!! If you want to start with us at Cove Cay Marina and end your day at Whiskey Joe's or somewhere else and Uber or get a ride with a friend home thats ok with us.
  • How does our Free UBER rides work.
    If you are staying at one of our participating hotels. We will send you a voucher up to $15.00 to use to get a UBER from the hotel to one of our pick up locations.
  • What should I bring?
    Bathing suite, sunscreen, hat, flip flops, camera, sun glasses, and a wind breaker or sweat shirt if your going on the sunset crusie.
  • Is there anything I can't bring on the boat?
    We ask that you don’t bring glass containers on the boat. Bottled beers sometimes fall and glass is potentially dangerous. Please bring cans and plastics only. We also ask that you don't wear high heels or black or hard soled shoes.
  • Is alcohol allowed on the boat?
    You are free to bring alcohol, beer, wine, wine coolers aboard, but please no glass. We have a cooler on board that you can use or bring your soft cooler to put inside our built in cooler. Due to limited space please no hard coolers. The Captain reserves the right to ask you to stop drinking if you go over board and if you do not comply he has the right to end the charter with no refund.
  • Can I smoke on board the boat?
    No smoking please but you are welcome to use a vape.
  • Can we bring food aboard
    Yes you can bring food on board we just ask that any trash you produce you bring off with you. We do not thow anything over board!!
  • Are weapons allowed on board.
    No weapons are allowed on board. Even if you have a Florida CCW. The captain may extend LEO and federal officers the curtsey to carry but we ask you inform the captain that you are carrying. The captain has the final say on any and all weapons on board the vessel.
  • Is Cannabis allowed on board?
    No even if you have a medical marijuana card. Marijuana is still an illegal drug in the eyes of the federal government. The ocean is controlled by the US Coast Guard. They can put you in jail even with the CARD!!
  • Are we affiliated with Cove Cay Marina
    Cove Cay Marina is where Cove Cay Charters keeps their boat. They are their own company with their own services. We recommed anyone looking to keep their boat on the bay to check out Cove Cay Marina and thier services.
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