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About Us

The Ocean is Our Way of Life

Cove Cay Charter's mission is to bring fun family oriented boat charters to the Tampa Bay area at an affordable price.  We are focused on providing water sports on Tampa Bay between Clearwater and Tampa.​

Since most boat charters in the area focus on providing boat charters on the beach in the Gulf, guest staying on the bay have very few options for boat charters.  Which is why we created Cove Cay Charters based right in Cove Cay Marina in Clearwater Florida.


We have several charters for all ages.  Take the kids out tubing and sit back and enjoy the ride, music and cocktails.  Our sunset cruises are a great way to end a rough week at work or week with the in-laws. Feel free to contact us at 727-361-8200 or email Capt. Ritchea at  We appreciate you visiting our site and look forward to meeting you on one of our charters!


We updated our stereo system in our Yamaha SX210 to include 4 DS18 speakers 1 DS18 subwoofer all powered by  a 3,000 watt amp.  We are one of the loudest charters boats out on the water. If you like to listen to music while you are out on water, then  join Cove Cay Charters for a loud experience! For our sunset cruises all of our speakers have LED lighting.  Join us and check it out!

Meet Our Captain's

Our team of captains have many years of experience on the water.  Their first and foremost priority is the safety of our guest and crew.  Their second priority is that our guest have  a great time out on the water.  Our Captains are very knowledgeable about the boat they are captaining and the water they are charting on.  They also have great customer service skills to ensure that you and your family have a safe and fun time out on the water in Tampa Bay.    

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Master Captain

Capt. Ritchea is the founder of Cove Cay Charters.  Capt. Ritchea has been around boats since he was about 5 years old and started skiing around the age of 10.  Since then he has owned many boats and jet skis.  Capt. Ritchea decided to share his love for the water with others by offering families that live and visit Florida fun, affordable boat charters.   

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Capt. Hawkeye

Master Captain

Capt. Hawkeye has been around the marine industry for 30 years.  He is a Master Mechanic, Master Boat Builder, and a Master Captain.  Originally from the United Kingdom he has sailed many seas and brings a unique level of experience to boat charter.  He has been with us in Florida for the past 15 years and has sailed up and down the coast of Florida including the Keys and Bahamas.      

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Capt. Daryn


Capt. Daryn is the youngest of our team of captains.  But for the last 4 summers he has spent his time on Manatee & Dive Charters in Crystal Rivers.  As you can see Capt. Daryn is a avid fisherman.  


The Red Lady

is a spirit combining Floridian rum, island fruits, and berries. It is rum punch at 20% alcohol, therefore 40 proof. The concept began at huge social gatherings in 2008. Emphasis on the importance of displaying elegance was vital, so when the punch was created the first thing that came to mind was not only a woman, but rather a lady


We love our out of town customers and we know that sometimes you don’t always have transportation.  So we try to make it as easy as possible to get to us.  So we offer free Uber rides from participating hotels to our pickup locations.  When you book a charter with us just let us know which hotel you are staying at and we will send you an UBER voucher that will be good up to $15.00.

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